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Vanilla Beans



Premium Grade - Black Vanilla Beans – Planifolia Beans

Grown in the Islands of Papua New Guinea


  • Our prime “Premium grade Planifolia beans” is a maximum of 18 cm long.
  • Vanillin content is 2% or higher.
  • Moisture content is less than 25%.
  • Beans are packed in bundles containing 80 to 100 beans, weighing 150 to 200 grams.  Bundles are wrapped and sealed in waxed-paper.
  • The Vanilla beans are packed in wax-lined shipping cartons holding 30 to 60 bundles, cartons are sealed with black shrink wrap.
  • This is an FDA approved product.  Certification will be supplied along with a Papua New Guinea government Phytosanitary Certificate.
  • Shipment will be made within 10 days of issuance of Purchase Order. Wire transfer or an Irrevocable Letter of Credit secured by a US Bank for the total dollar amount of order must accompany the purchase order. On going shipments must be secured by an irrevocable revolving Letter of Credit drawn on a major US bank.
  • Minimum order 1500 Lbs.


 “Planifolia Beans”.


Quantity Available: 1500 lbs


  Your Cost: $12.00 per pound – TAKE ALL ONLY!

Or Best Offer!


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